FONDATION M - Blanc-Fond Transpa-Grand.png

The 1st 3D virtual gallery which brings together a selection of  international artists.

Fondation M seeks to identify the talents of tomorrow and highlight innovation in the field of art. ⚡
This gallery in the Metaverse, entirely designed by Oij_Architecte, highlights about twenty international artists, in an architectural setting that promotes discovery.

An architecture at the service of artists !

The gallery consists of more than 20 rooms and spaces with unique atmospheres


This virtual exhibition is a real-time multiplayer. Participants can attend virtual openings together, chat and see each other moving around the space while experiencing digital art in its original format.

You can even meet and chat with the artists right in front of their art.

Own Your Look
Create your avatar and explore virtual worlds with your own identity. It's your passport to the metaverse.

For the most curious among you 👉 There are 4 gems 💎 hidden in the gallery, find them, and receive NFT as a gift.
​Gem n°1 Hint :  " 🐍🌉 "
Gem n°2 Hint : " 👉-|--🖐️ "
Gem n°3 Hint : " 🕶️🧗‍♂️ "
Gem n°4 Hint : " 🕶️⬇️ "